Dan yr Ogof Caves


The National Showcaves Center


The river Llynfell emerges from the mountain as you approach the entrance to Dan-yr-Ogof, returning to the surface after an underground journey of more than 6km. It was by way of this entrance that the Morgan Brothers made their dramatic discovery in 1912. Tommy and Jeff Morgan had only candles to light their way, a coracle to cross the lakes they encountered, rope to help with the dangerous climbs they undertook, but of course no map to help guide them! Today, you can enjoy this natural wonder without any of the difficulties they experienced over 100 years ago.


(Left Image) – Explore one of the world’s largest award-winning dinosaur parks – see over 220 life-sized dinosaur models, and get up close and personal with some of the monsters from millions of years ago! Dare you face the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex that could swallow 230kg of meat in a single bite? (Right image) – A colossal cave passageway, decorated with thousands of delicate ‘straw’ stalactites. Waterfalls cascaded into underground lakes, and unusual formations adorned the cave walls. This was the beautiful cavern we now know as “The Dome of St. Paul’s”.